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Hire Connections is excited to offer our contractors a Healthcare and prescription plan through Kaiser. Our team will reach out to you when you become eligible and will receive all enrollment instructions at that time.

All monthly premium costs will be measured and set by Kaiser according to individual criteria. Starting two weeks prior to being covered your portion of the premium will be deducted weekly from your paycheck as a pre-tax deduction, we will pay 50% of your individual (employee only) premium. If employment severs you will be covered for the entire month of paid premium. You must continue to work as a full time employee with a minimum of 30 hours a week to stay enrolled every month.

Employees are eligible to enroll for the plan on the first of the month after completing 60 days of full time employment. All monthly premium costs will be measured and set by Kaiser according to the individual criteria. You may choose to enroll at the time of eligibility or you must wait until open enrollment, with the exception of a qualifying event.
Employees who have worked a minimum of 1,200 hours are eligible for one day (8 hours) of Paid Time Off (PTO). This day can be used any time chosen by the employee, though the time off must be pre-approved by his or her supervisor at both client site and the Hire Connections office.

This benefit only applies to employees who are currently working on an assignment through Hire Connections and are on a Calendar year basis. We are only allowed to pay PTO during that calendar year earned and no back pay will be accepted. Payroll employees are not eligible for this benefit.